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Welcome to The Finer Recliner, micro-manufacturer of unique aftermarket recumbent CURVE neck rests, side mount kits and other accessories.  It's our goal to bring a new level of comfort to your riding experience and do it in a fun and creative way that lets you truly personalize your ride.  Hopefully all the information is here to help you make your selections, but please feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests.  Recumbent accessories for:
•  ICE         •  Catrike          •  Trident       •  Greenspeed     •  Steintrike  •  HP Velotechnik      •  TerraTrike     •  Sun...and more
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Check here for LOADS more examples, and here for helpful information about how to create your own.
Here's a CURVE kit on Bryan Ball's Catrike Road Bentrider test trike.  And speaking of Bentrideronline, take a look at the thread, "How necessary is a head/neck rest on a trike?"

A Taste of Customers' Embroidery Creations
Neck Rest Kits
NEW Model 3 CURVE kit with slide mount is now available.  The slide mount was originally designed for the Greenspeed Magnum so that the neck rest mount wouldn't interfere with the rear rack when the seat back was reclined at a more severe angle.  Its been tested on a Greenspeed GTO, where there's little room between the upper seat brace tube and the rear rack, and BROL's version of Ming the Merciless, the arch-dispenser of justice, the arbiter of "out of order", the infamous Blue Coyote (aka Cornell) has also tested the Model 3 on his ICE trike where it can be center-mounted without interfering with the rear fender or rack.  So far it has gotten a "thumbs up" from the testers.

What's especially neat about this new prototype model is that the design is a collaboration with Pat Franz of TerraCycle, who's making the circular clamps that secure the slide tower to the seat brace tube.  I'm hoping this is just the first of several opportunities to work with Pat and use some of his incredible high-quality accessories.

How's this prototype different from a Model 2 CURVE kit?
  It doesn't use a mtb stem for the base mount; it's lighter; vertical adjustment can be done very quickly by hand using the quick release tools needed; there's no extra tube showing; for storing you can quickly remove the neck rest and "T" tower without tools; it's a center mount...and I think it looks great. 

What's not different?  Same great CURVE neck rest, the same (actually a bit more) total adjustability, same great location for mounting tail lights, and it's rock-solid.
Poly wicking Riding Jerseys in long and short sleeves embroidered with your image.
Ball Caps embroidered with your image.
Here's an ingenious innovation that also happens to look great - Steven (FlyingLow on BROL) came up with a neat way to mount a rack on his rear-suspended Catrike Road using a CURVE kit as his base.  The rack is an Axiom Flip Flop.  It also comes in a DLX model which includes side braces if you're using a tail trunk bag with drop-down side panniers.  Because it's mounted to the CURVE and the seat back it's independent of the suspended rear end.  Brilliant, Steven!
Here's the same Axiom Flip Flop DLX rack with side braces.

Medical leave of absence...starting April 14 we're taking a break.

After quite a few years of gimping around the inevitable has become, well, inevitable. In truth I’ve known this day has been coming for a long time. About 12 years ago I consulted an orthopedic surgeon about my knee. He helpfully said that the medical term for myknee was, “Totally f---ed up” and suggested I just go ahead and trash it since it would eventually need to be replaced. And so I have, and its been fun.

Fast forward to now – I’m not able to walk, am using crutches all the time, can’t stand in the shop very long, could possibly pedal but definitely can’t get in or out of the trikes. And I’m using the 3M method (meditation, medication and, well, you know) to power through the pain until my knee replacement surgery on May 2.

I don’t know how long it will be after my surgery before I can be back in the shop making neck rests. So I'm doing my best right now to finish up pending orders and any that arrive in the next few days. I’ll be [slowly] making up at least two dozen more neck rests during this next week. But any orders arriving after about the 18th are going to have to wait till I can get back to the shop.

We have a pretty good stock of parts right now including the new TerraCycle clamps for the Greenspeed Magnum Model 3 CURVE kits, and a good supply of tail lights at great prices. We also have some of the white runners caps that were a hit at TOT two years ago. If you want one embroidered with the same image that’s on your neck rest just let us know very soon.

In the meantime enjoy the website, and if you're willing to wait I'll still take orders.  Thank you to the hundreds of new and returning customers just this past year alone. I’ll keep everyone posted as this all unfolds.

If you look carefully at this recent batch of neck rest covers you'll see a half-dozen sporting the Hampton's Edge logo.  That's because Regis and Cindy have outfitted their entire Catrike rental fleet with CURVE kits. 

So if you're anywhere near Floral City, Florida, want to ride the beautiful Withlacoochee Trail and either can't or don't want to bring your trikes, you're in luck.  You can rent a Catrike from Regis and Cindy, and try out a CURVE kit while you enjoy a wonderful ride on one of Florida's best bike trails.

After your ride check out their great trike selection and enjoy customer service at its best!
These white, wicking runners' caps were a big hit at TOT a couple of years ago.  If you're looking for something lighter weight then a traditional ball cap you can have this cool cap embroidered with the same image you choose to embroider on your neck rest.

UPDATE:  June 19, 2014.  I'm still essentially on medical leave.
I had my total knee replacement surgery May 2, and with Penni's support and a great physical therapist I'm now walking with a near-normal gait and riding my trike again.  Distances are still short but the island's hilly and some times I've got Travis in his trailer so I'm just glad to ride.  Customers have been incredibly patient and kind.  And at the same time I feel a huge responsibility to get all the back orders filled.  But after spending about a half-day in the shop and another day sitting in front of the computer managing this micro-business I've learned that there's a real price to be paid by skimping on physical therapy.  So I am getting orders filled, but slowly.  Just know I haven't forgotten anyone and will get your gear fabricated and shipped as quickly as I'm able.